“Writing Our Way to Brigit/Brigid” Awarded Brigid 1500 Grant

I am delighted to be part of Kildare County Council’s celebration of Brigit/Brigid. Kildare County Council has kindly awarded my project Writing Our Way to Brigit/Brigid a Brigid 1500 Arts and Creativity Grant.

People are forgetting the singularity of Brigid, Alice Curtayne said in mid-twentieth century Ireland but in today’s Ireland, the plurality of Brigid is what speaks most to us.

Writing Our Way to Brigit/Brigid is, firstly, a series of creative writing workshops which will take place in the heart of Brigid’s Kildare – Kildare Library, Kildare Town.

This series of workshops will focus on using symbols and representations of Brigit/Brigid as prompts for participants to explore and write about their own relationship to Brigit/Brigid. In each workshop, using words, phrases and artefacts from her archival research as springboards, I will guide participants in exploring, through writing and oral story telling, symbols of Brigit/ Brigid in their lives.

Writing Our Way to Brigit/Brigid will also feature an evening where participants will have the opportunity to perform/show their work before a live audience.

Further details, dates and booking details will be announced shortly!

Please see https://brigid1500.ie/Events/ for a list of community events that are taking place all over Kildare for 2023 and beyond.

With thanks to Kildare County Council for the Brigid 1500 Arts and Creativity Grant.

8 thoughts on ““Writing Our Way to Brigit/Brigid” Awarded Brigid 1500 Grant

  1. Firstly Comhgairdeas on being chosen for such a wonderful project! Any hope please of some creative writing events being on zoom for those who cannot attend in person for whatever reasons?

    Thank you!

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      1. Shauna….Would the organisers think of approaching Family Carers Ireland to see if they would help…they organise / support many on- line events for family carers who are ‘stuck’ at home? Just a thought…..

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      2. Wonderful idea. It would be great to run a series of workshops online with priority for family carers and those who are not in a position to attend events outside their home for whatever reason. Thank you for the suggestion.


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