Writing News: New Fiction in Crannóg 47, Spring 2018

I’m delighted to have a new story – ‘Thirty-Five-A-Night’ – in the Spring 2018 edition of the brilliant Crannóg. 

Head over to Crannóg website to order your copy of Crannóg 47, 100 pages packed with fiction and poetry from 42 writers such as myself, Brian Kirk, Richard Halperin, Ciarán O’Rourke, Karla Van Vliet, Lisa C Taylor etc. Also, there’s an author interview with Alan McMonagle. And wonderful cover art: Flight 126 (Stars) by Ruth McHugh.





5 thoughts on “Writing News: New Fiction in Crannóg 47, Spring 2018

  1. Will definitely grab this Crannog! Looks just up my street.


    Margaret Hickey


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