Reading: Immersion into other worlds

I've been doing a lot of writing lately and, as always, I find that after a long, intense spell of being immersed in writing fiction I need a complete break. This break tends to be baking (yum! everyone benefits!), gardening (nice looking sunflowers growing happily!) and, after a few days of being brought from mind … Continue reading Reading: Immersion into other worlds

Reading & Staying Put

Image of candle burning and eight books. Magda Szab√≥ The Door Grace Wilentz The Limit of LightRaymond Carter Cathedral Margaret Atwood On Writers and WritingEva Baltasar PermafrostDeborah Levy The Man Who Saw EverythingEdith Eger The Giftthe Paris Review Winter 2020 235 And this is my current reading pile, some of which I am reading for … Continue reading Reading & Staying Put