Writers Read: Vanessa Gebbie “The Coward’s Tale” (Re-post from July 2012)

Doris Sommer in her article "Art and Accountability" (which investigates, among other things, cultural agency), declares that "Constraint is a condition of creativity, not a nemesis." In this, a time of world-wide constraint, it is worth turning to our creative impulses and seeing how they behave. Out on a hill walk with my daughter, I … Continue reading Writers Read: Vanessa Gebbie “The Coward’s Tale” (Re-post from July 2012)

After Writing – Reading

As always, after an intense spell of writing, I like to return to reading. Reading for leisure, for pleasure, for the act of reading itself. Reading to no agenda other than to follow word after word, sentence after sentence so that I might be surprised by a discovery, a nudge, a startling fact, a sense … Continue reading After Writing – Reading

Reading, Reading, Reading

Photograph of two books: In The Dark by AnamarĂ­a Crowe Serrano and The Garden by Paul Perry Three photographs of the new literary journal Seed Photograph of the book Look It's A Woman Writer! Irish Literary Feminisms 1970 - 2020 Photograph of the book Love Stories for Hectic People by Catherine McNamara Yes! I've been … Continue reading Reading, Reading, Reading