Reading, Reading, Reading

Photograph of two books: In The Dark by AnamarĂ­a Crowe Serrano and The Garden by Paul Perry Three photographs of the new literary journal Seed Photograph of the book Look It's A Woman Writer! Irish Literary Feminisms 1970 - 2020 Photograph of the book Love Stories for Hectic People by Catherine McNamara Yes! I've been … Continue reading Reading, Reading, Reading

Life Stories: Non-Fiction

Photograph of the cover of Deborah Levy's Real Estate and Joan Didion's Let me tell you what I mean - both covers use shades of red and I am wearing red runners I have been immersed in fiction and writing but for the next few weeks I am turning my attention to reading about the … Continue reading Life Stories: Non-Fiction

Reading: Immersion into other worlds

I've been doing a lot of writing lately and, as always, I find that after a long, intense spell of being immersed in writing fiction I need a complete break. This break tends to be baking (yum! everyone benefits!), gardening (nice looking sunflowers growing happily!) and, after a few days of being brought from mind … Continue reading Reading: Immersion into other worlds