Reading: Immersion into other worlds

I've been doing a lot of writing lately and, as always, I find that after a long, intense spell of being immersed in writing fiction I need a complete break. This break tends to be baking (yum! everyone benefits!), gardening (nice looking sunflowers growing happily!) and, after a few days of being brought from mind … Continue reading Reading: Immersion into other worlds

Appreciating the Weather

In times of strive what can we do but appreciate the weather? It is the constant that follows us through these days of uncertainty, lockdowns, doubts and fears. After the rain, the sun will come, even if it is only for a moment. Feel and see and be in that weather, if you can, remind … Continue reading Appreciating the Weather

The Holding Cell Reading

I'm delighted to be reading live on YouTube on Saturday, 9th May at 8pm kindly hosted by Simon and Rozz over at The Holding Cell: Writers Reading Live from Their Homes So tune in (click above or this link), sit back, and enjoy my short reading - prose and poetry - from Duality,┬áthe publication from … Continue reading The Holding Cell Reading