Writer Shauna Gilligan (Kildare) and Artist Margo McNulty (Roscommon) first began their collaborative process when they met whilst residing in the Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig.

Arts Act Grants from their respective County Councils enabled them to continue their joint exploration of the concepts of shrinking buildings and land memory (collective and individual) in The Curragh – using both the physical and cultural space as starting points. Over the course of this project, they visited The Curragh together at different times of the day in order to capture the changing landscape and to allow the structure of their collaboration evolve and emerge.

McNulty and Gilligan were mindful and conscious of the swathe of history that their visual and written stories mirrored and paralleled. Work sprang out of the dialogue between their individual responses, and, at the point of selecting material for publication, collaboration came in the form of yet another new narrative – the result of this collaborative project, a book, Duality, published by redfoxpress (Achill Island).

DUALITY_ launch_invite_Oct2019