Duality – Exhibition opens in Roscommon Arts Centre, 15 Feb 2020


Following on from the wonderful launch of our art book Duality at The Kildare Readers Festival in October 2019, I am delighted to announce the opening of Margo McNulty’s art exhibition in Roscommon Arts Centre.

The exhibition, also entitled Duality, will be opened in Roscommon Arts Centre by Luke Gibbons at 4pm on Saturday 15th February 2020.

In the exhibition, a small selection of my writing complements her visual art just as our work dialogued together in the book. It would be wonderful to see some of you there – everyone is welcome.

See COLLABORATION for some photographs of the opening.


We are both very grateful to Kildare County Council and Roscommon County Council for awarding us Arts Act Grants which helped fund this collaborative project.


4 thoughts on “Duality – Exhibition opens in Roscommon Arts Centre, 15 Feb 2020

  1. The video showing Margo McNulty’s exhibition of art work is a joy to watch and alongside the writings by Shauna Gilligan, Duality presents a brilliant and expressive creation. The insights presented by Luke Gibbons are inspiring and illuminating, like the work itself. Well done and congratulations to all concerned. This is a wonderful, fluid combination of visual art and words, a lens to recall our past and present a new narrative.

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