Reading & Staying Put

Image of candle burning and eight books.

  • Magda Szabó The Door
  • Grace Wilentz The Limit of Light
  • Raymond Carter Cathedral
  • Margaret Atwood On Writers and Writing
  • Eva Baltasar Permafrost
  • Deborah Levy The Man Who Saw Everything
  • Edith Eger The Gift
  • the Paris Review Winter 2020 235

And this is my current reading pile, some of which I am reading for the second or third time, others which I have yet to start, and one which I am in gloriously lost inside. By tomorrow this stack of books will have changed again, grown, shrunk, and have been re-considered. Such is the reading life. So deeply connected to that of the writing life.

Wishing all readers, lurkers, viewers, writers and observers safe and happy reading, listening, writing…and being.

2 thoughts on “Reading & Staying Put

  1. The very best of reading and writing to you Shauna. Looking forward to more interesting episodes in your Writer’s Chat series in 2021.
    Cauvery xx

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