Essay on Imagination Published in “Imagine”

I’m delighted my short essay on imagination, “A Delicate Coming Together” has been published in the wonderfully provocative IMAGINE: The Magazine of the Art & Culture of Imagination curated and edited by Mark Riva.

I’d recommend getting a cuppa and take the time to read the many diverse contributions to this theme (scientists, musicians, artists, writers…) and don’t forget to keep up with the unveiling of each new short essay (for 150 days) in Vol 2, May 2022.

Cover of Imagination Vol 2, May 2022 (With kind permission of Mark Riva)

With thanks to Mark Riva for accepting my essay.

8 thoughts on “Essay on Imagination Published in “Imagine”

    1. Well done Shauna, congratulations again, looking forward to reading your essay.

      On Sun 12 Jun 2022, 8:49 PM Shauna Gilligan Writer, wrote:

      commented: “Well done Shauna, congratulations. Look forward to reading > your essay, sounds a really interesting publication. Jane ” >


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