#TwoTalk2: Creative Writing, Teaching and Learning

I was delighted to be featured on the Irish Universities Association #TwoTalk2 Series. This is a video series developed by the Irish Universities Association where Director General Jim Miley talks to a guest for two minutes. Jim asks me about teaching creative writing and Mantles (Arlen House, 2021). https://youtu.be/AOeN_4DKacs #TwoTalk2 Director General Jim Miley interviews … Continue reading #TwoTalk2: Creative Writing, Teaching and Learning

St. Brigid’s Day Celebrations

I'm delighted to discuss Mantles: Encountering Brigid with Meath Libraries Executive Librarian Mary Murphy as part of Meath Libraries and Meath County Council St Brigid's Day Celebrations. See YouTube below to watch our discussion which will premiere on Feb 1st 2022 at 6pm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX1pFMlpD54 On the evening of February 1st, I will be talking about … Continue reading St. Brigid’s Day Celebrations

Mantles Signing – 11 Dec Maynooth Bookshop

Photograph courtesy of The Maynooth Bookshop - shows the front of the shop with blue doors and windows displaying books either side. Margo and I are delighted to be invited to sign copies of Mantles: Encountering Brigid (Arlen House) at 2pm this Saturday 11th December in The Maynooth Bookshop. We would love if you joined … Continue reading Mantles Signing – 11 Dec Maynooth Bookshop