Reading: Immersion into other worlds

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately and, as always, I find that after a long, intense spell of being immersed in writing fiction I need a complete break.

This break tends to be baking (yum! everyone benefits!), gardening (nice looking sunflowers growing happily!) and, after a few days of being brought from mind to body, reading.

Photograph of five books: Trading Time by Owen Martin, Let me tell you what I mean by Joan Didion, The Unlimited Dream Company JG Ballard, The End Of The World is a Cul De Sac by Louise Kennedy, Yours ‘Til Hell Freezes: Kevin Barry by Síofra O’Donovan.

I’m enjoying the other world immersion and the mix of genres I’ve selected. I am enjoying, to quote Roland Barthes

the change in the level of perception…both reading and writing are redefined together.

I am also looking forward to my next few Writers Chat interviews which are based on reading some of the books in the photograph above.

Whatever you are reading – be it book, newspaper, online, hardcopy, paperback, on screen – after immersing yourself in another world, relish the change in your perception of your world.

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